SEC Pathways: Promotion Pathway

The courses within this catalog are designed to teach, enhance, and improve skills for SEC Employees who are interested in promoting within our organization.

SEC Pathways: Skills for New Managers

This course is designed to provide a new manager with the foundation of employee management skills, personal skills, and organizational skills to enhance their knowledge of core business concepts and promote their successful transition into their new role.

SEC Pathways: Communication

This course is designed to improve communication. Whether we communicate verbally, through our body language, or writing business documents, every employee can benefit from improved communication. The modules within this course are appropriate for all levels of employees.

SEC Pathways: General Business

Every potential manager will benefit from understanding various facets of operating and managing a business or business unit. The modules in the course are designed to provide employees with a comprehensive exposure to key business knowledge and skills that will improve their understanding of standard business practices.

SEC Pathways: Management

SEC Pathways: Working with Teams

This course is designed to help new and experienced managers alike develop individual employees into cohesive, highly - performing work teams.

SEC Pathways: Quality & Customer Service

The modules included in this course provide an introduction to core concepts in quality and customer service.

SEC Pathways: Administration

SEC Pathways: Human Resources

The modules in the course are for SEC Employees who are looking into the Human Resources field or who wish to improve their HR Knowledge.

SEC Pathways: Personal Improvement